25-Year Fixed Rate Standard:

25-Year Fixed Rate Refinance:

20-Year Fixed Rate Standard:

20-Year Fixed Rate Refinance:

Estimated 10-Year Fixed Rate Standard:

Estimated 10-Year Fixed Rate Refinance:

Official monthly SBA 504 effective interest rate tables can be found at 鹰 合规管理有限责任公司. 25- and 20-year term loans fund every month; 10-year term loans fund every other month. Effective interest rates are inclusive of servicing fees, which are subject to credit risk of the applicant.

Servicing the States of Alabama, 佛罗里达, and Georgia.

The 佛罗里达州重建 商业十大正规赌平台平台基金

A Resiliency Working Capital Loan 基金 to Help 佛罗里达’s Small Businesses and Its Economy to Grow and Prosper.

The 佛罗里达州重建 商业十大正规赌平台平台基金 provides existing and new 佛罗里达 small businesses with easy access to available and affordable working capital at reasonable interest rates and terms to help them grow and expand. The fund is a great alternative source of working capital and can be used as a standalone or companion loan to an SBA 504十大正规赌平台平台.


  • Must be located in 佛罗里达, operate primarily in 佛罗里达 and be authorized to operate in 佛罗里达.
  • Must be owned and controlled by persons who are lawfully in the United States and have an appropriate work Visa.
  • Must be legally able to contract debt.


  • Purchase orders; seasonal financing; and purchase of inventory.
  • 机械 and 设备; acquisition of land as part of a business development project; FF&E; and commercial real estate.
  • Landscape; business acquisition; and business expansion.

十大正规赌平台平台金额 & 条款

  • Express: Up to $350,000; 3-5 year terms; 10% borrower down payment (minimum).
  • Standard: Up to $2,500,000; 5-10 year terms; 10% borrower down payment (minimum).
  • The minimum loan size is $25,000.
  • 十大正规赌平台平台 must be collateralized.


The interest rate is derived from the Prime Rate as listed in the 《十大赌博正规老平台》. Contact us for current rates.

The 佛罗里达州重建 商业十大正规赌平台平台基金 is a partnership between the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) and the 佛罗里达 Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO), 这就相当于 the overall administrator of the program.  佛罗里达 First Capital serves as the state of 佛罗里达 appointed fiscal administrator of the program.

A total of $50 million in state and federal funds are available as follows:

  • $40 million in funds are available to assist small businesses statewide.
  • $10 million in funds are designated specifically to assist businesses located in Bay, 卡尔豪, 富兰克林, 加兹登, 海湾, 福尔摩斯, 杰克逊, 利昂, 自由, 泰勒, 瓦库拉和华盛顿 县

请注意: The 佛罗里达州重建 商业十大正规赌平台平台基金 is available only in 佛罗里达.


Go to the following link on the DEO's website to create a secure log-in account and complete an application.

For questions or more information, contact us toll-free at 800.504.十大正规赌平台平台或电邮至 Rebuild佛罗里达@bookcaseplace.com.

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